Silk Facings

A unique selection of silk and polyester facings for dinner jacket tuxedo lapels and pocket flaps.

If width is not stated below the product is available in 3 widths - 18"/45cm, 36"/90cm, 54"/137cm

We offer silk covered buttons and trouser braid to match a number of our silk facings.

ShopSilk Facing Blue Moire

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Quality 60653
Silk Facing Blue Moire

ShopSilk Facing Black Moire

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Quality 60654
Silk Facing Black Moire

ShopSilk Facing Wine Spots

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Quality 60664
Silk Facing Wine Spots

ShopSilk Facing Blue Spots

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Quality 60665
Silk Facing Blue Spots

ShopSilk Facing Blue Fern

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Quality 60666
Silk Facing Blue Fern

ShopSilk Facing Black Fern

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Quality 60667
Silk Facing Black Fern

ShopSilk Facing Blue Wave

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Quality 60668
Silk Facing Blue Wave

ShopSilk Facing Black Wave

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Quality 60669
Silk Facing Black Wave

ShopSilk Satin Facing Wine

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Quality 60670
Silk Satin Facing Wine

ShopSilk Satin Facing Green

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Quality 60671
Silk Satin Facing Green

ShopSilk Satin Facing Ivory

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Quality 60673
Silk Satin Facing Ivory

ShopSilk Satin Facing Black

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Quality 60674
Silk Satin Facing Black

ShopSilk Cord Facing Ivory

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Quality 60677
Silk Cord Facing Ivory

ShopSilk Cord Facing Black

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Quality 60678
Silk Cord Facing Black